Farming 101 🌾

Learning one of the most important real skills – growing your own food.

After a few months of learning by osmosis from all my friends in the island, I finally decided to start growing my own food. Or at least take the first steps towards that direction.

The journey started with clearing a chunk of land with some help from our friends who have their own syntropic agriculture project.

That gave us a chance to learn some of the very basics and practice with tools. The next step was the acquisition of what we’ll need to cultivate the land.

We’re now planning our raised beds and continue uprooting weeds from the land.

The main insight to share at this point is that farming is a great decompressing activity, complimenting all the work I’m doing in front of the screen. And it feels great to learn something that can become one of the essential survival skills in the (possibly-not-so-near) future.