MemberPress Courses Plugin for WordPress

First impressions while setting up the new UX for our flagship online course.

The enrolment for the next cohort of our Minimalist Journaling System Course starts tomorrow, which is a perfect opportunity to improve the UX for our students.

And just a few days ago MemberPress, a membership plugin we’re using for our WordPress site where we keep our courses, released a new (and free) update which makes creating online courses a breeze.

Here’s a quick Screen Recording via Loom where I’ll walk you through the basics of creating a course with MemberPress Courses.

Btw, I highly recommend following their guide while creating your first course.

And finally, a quick note on pricing:

MemberPress costs $149/year for the basic version (which includes unlimited courses and memberships), while Teachable (basic) costs $348 and Podia (basic) costs $468. That’s a big difference if you ask me.