Moonly Review 🌑 After the Soul Storm

Rebalancing the energy after an identity crisis.

Happy New Moon! 🌑

The last Moon cycle was quite a ride for me.

I went for a bicycle tour with a dear friend, which provided a perfect opportunity to reset in nature and get some perspective on my life. It's the first time that I've left Pico for longer than a day trip, since I came here in February 2020, and I really enjoyed seeing my island from a different angle:

The cycling trip was short, but acted as a catalyst bringing up some internal processes that have been going on in my subconscious mind for a while now. That's the beauty of meditative pedaling on a bicycle through wonderful landscapes.

As I came back, I've experienced a sort of identity crisis.

I'm still making sense of it, but in a nutshell, it boils down to one of my parts, let's call it The Entrepreneur, taking over all the other parts for the last few years. Of course, the knot is much more complex than that, and I'm still unpacking some of the questions that keep coming up.

The wonderful part of the experience is the sense of equanimity, derived from the internal knowledge that whatever is in my core, is the right thing to have there. The foundation is solid, and my heart is in the right place. But some of the things that I've built on that foundation are not necessarily serving me anymore, and perhaps, have never served me in the first place.

In any case, it's all an experience, and I'm quite capable of laughing at myself and enjoying the process. And I really enjoyed listing some of the parts that are inside of me and noticing which ones I want to encourage in the coming months to show up more.

The other wonderful part of this crisis were conversations with friends, both old and new, that brought me new perspectives, energy, and much needed space to vent and heal.

Okay, enough about that.

As I look at my last Moon Cycle I'm feeling grounded, peaceful and quite full of joy, actually.

It's time for the next cycle, and it feels that I'm close to the breakthrough moment that I need. I've spent some time noting down a few ideas bubbling in my head as I was walking through one of my favourite hikes by the Ocean, and I can't help but feel inevitable tangibility of a big shift inside of me.

A part of that is probably connected to exposure to absolutely fantastic ideas, as I start to dig into resources of the Regenerative Renaissance Course that I'm starting tomorrow. I'm very excited to make this course a starting point for numerous experiments in the coming weeks.

Another part is the intentional reallocation of my time, reducing time in front of a screen, and increasing embodied activities, from creating art to making and sharing Love. I'm not surprised at all, that I naturally came back to my daily 1-hour yoga sessions, pretty much with no effort. This in turn gives me more energy to keep shifting more into my body.

There's also a considerable level of excitement, as we've just sent out invitations to our Pico Community for our first Summer Gathering.

Before I mention the most exciting stuff, I'll just drop the link to my learning process with crypto. I've been too overwhelmed with this world to look into it for years, but in the last few weeks I found some energy and made my first (tiny) investments. I don't feel I know much, but perhaps the process how I go about acquiring some of the knowledge will be useful, particularly if you have no idea about the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Big wave of Love to all the wonderful people who shared their time to answer some of my stupid questions.

Okay, the most exciting part is that I feel that three parts of me that I have been neglecting are becoming more and more alive. Let's call them The Artist and The Sailor. The third one is a secret 😉.

Bottom line is that I came from an art background, and I can't, and/or don't want to get rid of this part of my identity. But to bring this part back to live, I need to make time for creative practice. So I am making the time.

And speaking of sailing, my big dream is to live on a sailboat and host pods of people (artists, regenerators, friends...), sharing this incredible experience and environment – perfect for something wonderful to emerge.

To make this happen I need to sail more and share this dream with people. For now, I'm sharing with you. TBC.

I've just drawn new set of empty squares in my journal for this new Moon cycle. One square for each day.

It's up to me to fill them up.

Sending good vibes your way, fresh after a swim in one of my favourite spots, where the abundance of fish underwater is incredible! 🐠

Love and Light ☀️,