Moonly Review 🌑 December 2020

A collection of meaningful updates

I'm still not feeling it, but I'm on holidays.

Wow. What a moon cycle it has been.

It will take me a few days to ground myself, regain balance and connect with my core, but that's okay. I'm glad that I have an entire month off (for the first time in over 3 years), so I can gradually transition into the chillout vibes.

In the meantime, our most powerful program so far is on sale, which throws me into a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Every time another wonderful human enrolls I feel invincible, only to feel like we won't have enough people to make it happen and we'll have to cancel the whole thing a few hours later.

What a mess.

Product launches are difficult, but I also feel that they make me grow emotionally resilient. At least I'm capable of watching myself go through this process and I know, that if I'd really want to be in peace – I could. I just choose not to, because deep down, I enjoy the crazy cocktail of emotional drama. Perhaps that's my theatre upbringing.

To be fair – even if we won't cross the "viability threshold", I want to do this program anyway, because I feel that it's exactly the right kind of commitment for me to make in 2021.

And having the trust of people who decided to join makes me feel happy, nervous and excited – yet another combination that the performer in me loves so much.

But in the end, it's always about the people.

Let's make this something truly special and send some ripples, ripples, ripples.

After all that's what this program is designed for.

"Ripples by design" – I like that phrase.

A photo of my Minimalist Journaling System page for this moon cycle. My mood is all over the place...

Meaningful Updates

Microsolidarity in Pico

Members of our community recently registered an association (Animal Sanctuary Association Pico) dedicated to helping animals in the island. This is a huge step – the very first project that came to life with the energy catalyzed by our bi-weekly circle.

We're planning our Winter Gathering – hopefully the first of many to come. We'll gather over a few days during Christmas break, to connect, celebrate and plan our next steps as a community.

I've had a pleasure to talk with Brandon (Building Belonging) and Stephanie about our experiments with microsolidarity. Here's the video recording from part 1 and part 2. I'm looking forward to our future conversations.

I've also updated our documentation. It's a constant work in progress, and it's a bit messy, but I'm starting to let go of the perfectionist in me and enjoy the messiness.

That’s our congregation map.

Btw, I totally got the documentation bug from Rich Bartlett (who is a magical human being, and the steward of microsolidarity). Now I can't stop.

Twitter Games

I've been playing a bit more with Twitter. I'm still not fully on board with it (since I'd like to use products of companies that are in alignment with my values), but it's a good practice of building in public and I didn't have the time to look into Mastodon yet.

Relational Growth in Rhythms Thread

Deceptive Simplicity of Year of Practice Thread

Workflow Experiments

Taking the Collector to Creator course helped me rethink my content creation workflow. I was able to find and remove bottlenecks which kept my ideas stuck on the pages of my journal, and finally start publishing more – starting with making effective notes.

While the information in the course is great, the best part is the supportive community and the presence of Anne-Laure Le Cunff, whose intelligence, ease and humility are truly inspiring and unique.

I'm very much aware that it will take a while for me to design the "perfect" content creation workflow, but the seeds have been planted, watered and are growing at a very fast pace.

Next step: redesign my personal website and optimize it for building in public.

Redesigning JournalSmarter

Enrolling in Peter Sandeen's 6 Figure Website course was one of the best business decisions ever made. I absolutely love Peter's approach to marketing – zero bullshit and radical focus on what works. For a person like me who gets easily distracted with shiny digital tools, he's the perfect antidote – bringing just the right suggestion and a big dose clarity.

While we haven't had the time yet to complete the redesign of our website, it's already much more effective. More importantly – the very first module of the course helped us finally pinpoint what it is that we have to offer as a business and communicate it in a simple and coherent way (which we were failing to do for 3 years). Without this course, the Year of Practice wouldn't exist in it's current form.

Elementor Sucks

After a few months of trying to make our relationship work, it's time to abandon this silly page builder and move to something that actually works: a combination of good old code and

Unfortunately, that means rebuilding all the pages built with Elementor. Although, maybe Elementor is just trying to tell us to go ultra-minimalist on our website?

Since I’m on holiday I probably won’t be updating these pages until January, which is a perfect opportunity to let go of perfectionism.

I'm sure there were other important things happening over the last month, but it's time to switch off my computer and enjoy holiday vibes.

Love and Light ☀️