Moonly Review 🌕 Home, Log, Community

Here are a few things that are most alive in me right now. Enjoy 💙

Happy Full Moon!

I'm cheating a bit this time and I'm actually writing this newsletter a day before, to enjoy a fully relaxed Sunday.

Here are a few things that are most alive in me right now. Enjoy 💙

The New Home

We moved to a new house and it's exactly the right place to be right now. We're located at the very top of a village, with only one neighbour a bit below. We're surrounded from 2 sides by a magical forest and have an epic view on the ocean. I'm not surprised to notice that I'm spending more time outside. I even turned the roof of our water tank (a common structure in Pico, built to collect rainwater for farming purposes) into a dancefloor / yoga studio. There's nothing quite like dancing in front of the Ocean.

Here's the view towards the Ocean:

And towards the forest (with Pico in the top left corner):

We've spent the week optimizing the space (both Silvia and I very much into environment design). I've missed the opportunity of creating a "before and after" video, showing the transformation, but I might just record the "after" video. And yes, we did remove the chairs from the house (apart from 2 outside chairs which are great for naked sunbathing ☀️).

We still haven't had the time to start growing our food. Unfortunately, our garden is full of rocks (which is common in this island), and we need to source the soil form the outside. In the meantime, I've spent some time planning out how our little food-garden will function, applying the lessons learnt from our previous house. As always, expect some sweet documentation of the process. And hey, there are a few plants already growing in our nursery 🌱.

To finish off this part, here's my happy self, learning about Patterns for Decentralised Organising, by taking part in a great course from Rich and Nati ⤵️

🐋 Whale Alert 🐋

A friend told me that there have been the first spotting of whales this season, so that's yet another incentive to be outside and look at the ocean. I find myself frequently scanning the horizon in search of a "blow" pinpointing a whale on the surface. It's not easy without binoculars, but definitely possible.

The White Log

This beautiful Log is growing and we have our first two Patrons, which is a wonderful start (THANK YOU!).

We have planned a special "perk" for the first five people, so if you'd like to support our work and would enjoy an extra incentive, then have a look.

I'm really enjoying the fast iteration cycle of the Log. Since day one, we've been making tweaks every few days, in order to find an optimal flow for that digital space. I'm very grateful for resisting the urge to be "perfect" and starting this project with a beta version on GitBook, which is super easy to reconfigure without the need to code anything.

For example, while that's definitely not a perfect email opt-in, I was able to ship it in around one minute and it's good enough for now.

And by the time you'll click here to see it, it will probably already have evolved further.

I've been absolutely loving the process of creating notes. And as I keep looking through the Log, I keep finding new tweaks to make, which I tend to implement immediately. It feels effortless, and much more enjoyable than working with WordPress.

Here are four notes that I'd like to share with you today:

  • Intuitive Movement Sequence, documenting my process of building a noncoercive exercise routine.

  • Habit vs Practice: a short note on the mechanics of embodying your purpose.

  • Habit Sprint: exploring the format of our new online course.

  • Entrepreneurial Timeline: the honest entrepreneurial timeline of Silvia and I, showing the ups and downs of our process. I really enjoyed putting this note together and laughing at my past self.

Speaking of notes, I'm about to follow in Silvia's steps and start my habit coaching certification, focused on using chat as a primary coaching tool. It's been working like gangbusters for our Year of Practice.

I'm considering to choose note-making as the keystone habit to specialise in. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that idea.

Microsolidarity in Pico

I have three words for you:

  1. Drums

  2. Summer

  3. Gathering

(#2 and #3 also function as one unit).

1. Drums

We're getting better with every single practice, and today I'd like to share a video from our latest rehearsal, where the end of our song was literally "glass-shattering" ⤵️

If the video above doesn't load, click here.

These sessions are definitely one of the biggest highlights of my week.

2. Summer

... is here. Clear blue sky, t-shirt time, naked sunbathing... You name it. Of course it won't stay like this for long, but it's magical to have a week of summer in March. I feel like my batteries are recharged. Interestingly (but not surprisingly), I've also noticed that exposure to Sun increases my libido.

3. Gathering

We've started planning a summer gathering of our Pico community, which is super exciting. While we have our bi-weekly sharing circle and other recurring spaces to connect, we're hoping that bringing people together for a few days will bring new energy to the group and spawn new projects. Our Winter Gathering catalysed our drum crew into existence. Let's see what we can do with the summer!

Speaking of gatherings, I'm also involved (along with the wonderful people of WG Europe Connection) in the process of catalyzing Enspiral Europe's Summer Gathering. I've been really enjoying the balance between my online and presential community, and applying lessons from one to the other. And having a possibility of co-creating the next meeting point for each of them feels very special.

In the meantime, I've been trying to generate a bit of gravitational pull to bring some friends into the island for a visit. I keep being amazed with this place, and it just doesn’t get boring, even if I’ve been here for over a year. The truth is, that even if covid wouldn’t exist, I don’t think I’d be traveling much. My needs (including the need for adventure) are met, I’m surrounded with amazing people with whom I can build things together without a rush, and the nature is mindblowing. There’s still so much to explore, and The White Log provides me a space to document it all, and hopefully inspire others.


We've just received the news about a piece of land we're looking at. I won't go into the long story of how things work in the island (it's a loooong and complicated process), but it seems like the obstacles are slowly clearing up, and the time to acquire some funding and make an investment is approaching. I'll kindly ask you to send some energy towards a successful growth of this precious seed we've planted. A wave of good vibes from a beautiful person like you always goes a long way! 💚

Last but not least, in a few weeks a friend will join me for a week-long bicycle tour of the nearby islands. A bike, tent, friend, and nature. That's exactly the kind of holiday I love.

I wish you a magical, peaceful and invigorating Moon phase.

Love and Light ☀️

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