Moonly Review 🌕 Shipping

Creating from a place of spaciousness and kindness, and actually shipping stuff.

Hello there you Wonderful Being!

Over the past few days I've been focusing on creating from a place of spaciousness and kindness and actually shipping stuff.

I often fall into the trap of procrastination via perfectionism. My recent antidote came through helping an association catalyzed by our community in Pico. I've been helping out with setting up their digital stack (such as their website, payments, etc.) and it was a great experience to be able to ship a website in 24 hours. Of course, it's just the very first version, but it works for what's needed right now and I didn't spend numerous weeks perfecting it infinitely.


Btw, Jess, Annia and Elke who run the association are doing an incredible job (just see the "before/after" photos on the site), and it would mean a lot if you'd consider supporting them by becoming a member (€20/year).

If you're curious about the actual stack I've used here it is:

  • Google for email and docs

  • Namecheap for domain

  • Carrd for website (which I can't recommend enough for simple websites and landing pages)

  • Stripe for payments

Speaking of websites – I also finally shipped my personal site compiling the most important projects I'm involved in at the moment.


I've decided to offer my consulting / relational thinking services, too. I'm not expecting a huge volume of clients at the moment, but it feels good to have a minimal landing page for a service that I can offer.

The missing bit is the documentation. I have been totally neglecting my digital journal in the past few months. This is partially connected to my messy PKM environment, which I'm finally sorting out.

I've ditched a random combination of EvernoteNotion and Roam Research and decided to commit to Obsidian. I'm absolutely loving this wonderful piece of software.

So far I've mentioned two websites, but in fact, there is a third one!

I'm quite well known in some circles as a badass chef prepping the most delightful vegan desserts. I've decided to combine this passion with building in public and learning a little bit of code – and shipped this little beauty:

I've used this Jekyll Template and deployed the site to Github Pages. Some things are not yet working well, but it's certainly is a start, and my inner Mr. Robot got a dopamine spike from pushing to git. Commit! Commit!


I’ll be adding new recipes as I make them, which tends to be weekly-ish.

Other Stuffs

  • I've been really enjoying this newsletter sending a daily album to listen to while working. Thanks, Irem, for the recommendation!

  • This is a big one, but I'll keep it short and cryptic for now – it seems like after 3 years of playing with the puzzles, Silvia and I finally figured out how to combine all the pieces to create a sustainable business model allowing us to help a lot of people, while living in alignment to our values. I'll surely be writing more about it in the coming weeks, so that's it for now. Follow the transformation here.

  • OUR DRUMS HAVE ARRIVED. After 3 years of craving whacking a BIG LOUD DRUM (after my wonderful experience with the Beasties Drum Crew before leaving Edinburgh) I'm blessed enough to have (at least) 3 other humans in this Island who want to engage in this activity together. It brings a whole new set of challenges (such as composing drum patterns and leading a crew), but I'm super excited for it. And I'll probably end up documenting the process on another website (hehe).

There have been a few more things that I wanted to ship by the time I'll be writing this review, but it didn't happen. Instead of feeling bad, I'll congratulate myself on what I've done in the past weeks and show up back to work tomorrow.

I'll end with a quote from "The Practice" by Seth Godin, that I'm currently reading:

I'm not a procrastinator.

I am a creator.

I show up every day and create in public, because what better way there is to clarify my thinking, hone my skills as a creator, and share my experience with others.

Until the next time,