Moonly Review 🌑 Shipping Spree Continues

An update from the beginning of yet another cycle.

Happy New Moon,

I left writing this email to the very end of the day and my energy is quite low. But somehow I really enjoy the process. It's quite fun to reflect on what's been going on in my life and share with you.

Thanks for being here.

New Articles

I've been on a shipping spree, and actually managed to publish 1 article per week for two consecutive weeks (apart from all the other smaller thingies here and there). This is a huge victory for me, since it usually takes me around a month to publish something (and often longer than that).

I'm noticing that my identity started to shift. I've experientially proven to myself that it is possible to write and publish at this speed, and it made me painfully aware of all the moments of procrastination. The big difference is that right now I have the energy to act on this awareness, take a break, refocus, identify the MVP, and freaking ship it. Repeatably.

This week I probably won't publish an article (although who knows), but that's okay – my love and attention went into designing and delivering a workshop on a very important topic: expectations vs reality, and how to navigate this madness.

Hat tip to Uli, for bringing this topic up during our recent 1:1.

Microsolidarity in Pico

I've updated our documentation. We're now on cycle 3 of our sharing circle. I've also played around in Miro and created a virtual congregation map to accommodate for easier future changes (you can see it on Miro here).

Oh, and thanks to the magic Rich, our documentation now lives at a new fancy virtual address:


And speaking of good times in Pico...

Our drum crew is up and drumming 🥁

I couldn't find almost any resources on this subject, so I'm documenting my own experience with starting a drum crew. I hope to share it with you soon. Thank you, Cam, for your invaluable help with all things drumming / drum-crewing.

Fun bonus: here's our very first pre-rehersal, with only Silvia and I practicing a single pattern on two muffled drums. The bit that we just can't do yet is speaking/singing while drumming... Two keywords to keep in mind: patience and practice.

Handstand challenge with Phillip 🙌

My first key practice for this year is building an "acrobody", and this time I have professional help with me. I tried to learn handstands in the summer of 2020, but gave up after around a month. Coaching makes all the difference.

Hopefully in a few months I'll be enjoying the world upside down, and Phillip will enjoy a steady flow of clients to his new coaching offer we're creating together.

FYI: I'm exchanging my business-building services for handstand coaching. If you could also use some relational growth to boost your project, give me a shout.

Sax in a cave 🎷

Picture this:

A pitch black cave extending 1 km into the Earth. 5 friends. One of them with a saxophone.

It was an absolutely magical experience.

Here's a video of Luis (the sax player), from a few years ago (enjoy with good headphones). His sax-cave-game evolved significantly since then, but there are no recordings anymore. And that's deliberate, btw – you really need to be there to feel the vibrations of the cave and the sound.

Okay, that's it for now.

Have a great Moon Cycle, wherever you are,

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