Sensemaking Schizophrenia

Between fiction and reality.

It's quite rare that I come across a pearl in recent filmmaking, and Undone mini-series is definitely one of them (here's the trailer 2:16m)

As I was sinking into the feeling I was left with, I've noticed a new message from a friend. It was a link to a 3h conspiracy theory video embedded on a website called welovetrump dot com.

My curiosity was immediately ignited.

First of all, my friend doesn't strike me as a person who spends any time online. I could not picture him actually watching videos of any kind on youtube. Second was the name of the site. Third was the video itself. I decided to follow my curiosity and watch a few minutes.


I don't need to escape into the wonderful animated films to experience a sense-making schizophrenia. Consuming media has a similar effect. And observing my reaction to something that I don't perceive as *real* makes me more aware of how deeply stuck I am in my confirmation bias and my own filter bubble.

How to navigate my own sense-making schizophrenia? How to navigate our sense-making schizophrenia on a species level?

I don't have an answer, but I have a hunch: awareness, curiosity and love.

Awareness of my own biases and being open to the possibility that I am wrong.

Curiosity, to hear another person's story even if it contradicts my own views.

Love, to focus on creating something amazing together, even if our perceptions of reality are completely different.

But perhaps that's just my bias.